Web Designing

Responsive Webpages

At WiseTech Informatics, we employ a modern architectural approach to achieving maintainable codes. This also makes it easy to test our codes for error. Our web design services are suitable for both small to large business organizations.

UI/Ux Designing

WiseTech User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is a dedicated division of professional UI/UX design, development, and testing. WiseTech UI/UX design teamwork as an extension of your company to bring you the best in strategy, creativity, and technology. 

Major Features

Search Engine Optimization

Enjoy optimized content for better site experience. At WiseTech Informatics, We use SEO to improve site performance through the insertion of relevant keywords. 

Less Maintenance

At WiseTech Informatics, we provide high-quality rich content web design. When it comes to website designing, we understand the importance of concrete information in driving traffic to your web page.

No redirects

No Redirects

Enjoy a cleaner web designing with no redirects and user agents targeting. There is nothing as irritating as browsing a page with a lot of redirects and pop-ups. This can be a turn off for site visitors.

Social Media Integration

Enjoy easy integration with social media tools. Every site visitor wants to be able to share useful information at the go with their friends and family. At WiseTech Informatics, we provide your website with that opportunity.

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